About Teresa

     I was born and raised in Maryland, USA, in a home where creativity was very important.  My mother sewed our clothes, and served international cuisine at the dinner table.  My father told story after story, and printed his own Christmas cards.  They have encouraged my sisters and me to make and try and invent, and we do.

     After graduating from Glen Burnie High School, I attended Brigham Young University.  There I studied Japanese language and literature, physics, and all the electives I could take--international folk dance, Chinese calligraphy, gymnastics, organ playing, stained glass, and planetary geology, to name a few.  I also acquired a brilliant husband at BYU.  Since then, we have moved from coast to coast, and are now settled in western Washington with our four imaginative sons.

     When I have time between loads of laundry and dishes, I enjoy reading, writing, running, gardening, music, and needlework.  Thanks for letting me share my creativity with you!

     --Teresa G. Osgood