Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Try It.

Beware of Dog, by Justin Morris

Hop my fence.
Toe my turf.
Burrow beneath.
I'll show what I'm worth.

Rap on my gate.
Invade my space.
Worm your way in.
Look at my face.

My sidekick's seething,
gnashing the air.
Try to get past us--
double dog dare.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Prophet's Dream

photo by Mark Haley

wandering through
a dreary world
one bright spot ahead:
a tree
with fruit
of joy

at the summit of
a narrow path
steep, uneven, long
flanked by an iron rail
those who lean on it
won't stray


make your own track
through dark mists,
vain heights and filthy depths


cling to the way
that leads to where
God's love, bound in sweet flesh,
hangs on a tree
free for all who come

one taste begins
to right all wrongs
and dry all tears
not shed for joy

The prophet's name was Lehi.  He lived around 600 B.C.  You can read the vision in his own words, and explore its interpretation from his son.

To hear what a prophet has to say today, click here!


My story, "Escape," is a winner in the 2013 Epeolatry Contest!  The challenge was twofold: write a non-romantic story using words from a list of romantic terms, and to do it in only 600 words.  The second part was more difficult for me.  The version I posted here is a bit longer, but I kept chipping away until my submission was exactly 600 words long.  It was quite an exercise.  Anyway, the 600-word version is on display at Satyr's Garden, along with two other winners.  Check it out!