Monday, June 17, 2013


The Promenade, 1918, by Marc Chagall

Today is the beginning
One grand moment that ensures
You'll have eternity

Roll out the red carpet
Shine the light on your premiere
Today is the beginning

Reflect upon the past
Picture what may come to be
You'll have eternity

Prepare to improvise
Life won't always follow script
Today is the beginning

The great romantic leads
Step into supporting roles
To last eternally

Dream together in the clouds
Grounded in serenity
Today is the beginning
You'll have eternity

For my sister's recent wedding

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chamber Music

© Charleston Trust Photograph by Axel Hesslenberg

She thought she would wilt
when the parlor door shut.
Perched on a sticky folding chair,
she fluffed the ruffles of her sundress,
but the flicking of her funeral fan
simply sent more sultry air
to slap her face.  The men in ties
tuned up, brows glistening,
peering at the pages through
the thick humidity.  What could
the black spots mean?
She caught a breath as they caught theirs,
and with a nod, bows stroked strings,
growling, prowling, sweetly singing.
She closed her eyes and flew away
on the soaring, sudden breeze.

This door takes me back to Charleston, South Carolina.  Someday I'll return and soak up the heat of the Spoleto USA arts festival...