Friday, December 10, 2010

The One that Got Away

Carolina boy--
Snow was, for you, a sight unseen
until we whisked you away
to taste winter
on higher ground.

You toddled through the drifts,
legs stiff in new black boots,
to the edge of the mountainous slope.
We placed you on the platform,
cameras poised for your maiden voyage.

But before your escort
enveloped you in padded arms,
you slid away.

You had so little mass
that your momentum was all speed
and friction had no hold
as you spun,
starfish in a saucer.

Did you feel alone,
round blue eyes staring
at the granite sky?
No way to stop or steer
or see what loomed ahead?

Help was closer than you knew.
Your older brother,
with scant more sled experience,
slid to your rescue,
not missing a beat.
He flew fast, though not as far,
lifted you upright again,
held your mittened hand,
and led you on the long hike
up the hill.


  1. I love the sibling to the rescue. It is so precious. I love the line starfish in a saucer. I can just picture that all bundled up spread eagle and all with the woolen cap on the head making the fifth appendage. Really fine writing T.

  2. As a "Carolina boy" who has been in over his head a time or two, I thank you for this! "No way to stop or steer or see what loomed ahead?" is brilliant! Actually, this reminds me of my first bike ride...

  3. I raised three sons and watched scenes like this unfold over and over! What a wonderful Magpie!

  4. This is such a fantastic description of what so many of us have seen happen.

  5. what a sweet sweet image I have of the BIG brother...just lovely

  6. This is glorious ~T~ I love it....sweet and lovely! :-)

  7. As the resident baby with 2 older brothers...I thank you.
    No photos though.


  8. Crystal clear. A fine piece of poetic narrative. I like 'starfish in a saucer'!

  9. What fine phrasing - makes for a wonderful poem!