Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Fact

Out of the seething, roiling vat,
filled to the brim with boiling oil,
comes little that entices me
my healthy appetite to spoil.

I cannot live on fries alone,
nor greasy meat on fragile bun.
High-fructose carbonated drinks
don't quench; I nearly always shun.

And yet, I want no expert voice
to tell me, when I'm in the mood,
that I should quarantine myself
from sweet or savory rich food.

Satisfying whole grain breads
accent a doughnut's fleeting joy.
Fresh and tasty garden veg
perk up with butter, salt, or soy.

Ice cream is a just dessert
for patient toil, and not a fault.
I am the captain of my fat;
I am the master of my salt.


  1. Brilliant, rebel, eat salt and savoury away!

  2. I'm going to print this out and take it with me to my next nutritionist appointment!!!

  3. I am the master of my salt - great! Enjoy! You made me hungry.

  4. Brilliant! A pinch of salt makes sweetness better!!

  5. What a rebel you are! Laughing - neat poem -

  6. Fantastic description of how many of us feel. Sometimes you gotta be a little bit bad.

  7. Love the tug of war between healthy and naughty. How liberating to have choices. A delicious write!

  8. Beautiful. Here's to healthy eating! (Although I am known to indulge in an occasional fry or two.)

  9. Lovely! I like the last two lines, parodying "I am the master of my fate" etc. Well done.

  10. i am the captain of my fat...nice...not too much into salt until it comes to my green peas...

  11. "I am the captain of my fat/I am the master of my salt." I love that. With your permission it may be my new mantra :)

  12. cool,

    entertain yourself with rich and fancy food,
    get the mood.

    cheers, yummy tale, love your take.

  13. I can relate to this ~T~....well done! :-)

  14. Very well done!
    'I am the captain of my fat;
    I am the master of my salt' - brilliant!