Tuesday, March 15, 2011

African Violets

Tender scions,
severed from diseased roots,
struggling to survive
in barren soil
bright eyes staring
from soft, dark faces
receiving gratefully
what heaven sends their way
clustering together
in minimal defence against the storms
imagining the sun's warmth
until it shines again

     My friend, Lisa, is on the board of directors of the Eternal Hope Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya.  Her love for these children is awe-inspiring.  Recently she requested donations of small stuffed animals.  It seemed like a great opportunity to use some of the amigurumi patterns I have been collecting, so I sat down and started to crochet.  By the time I had finished a few, Lisa's suitcase was already full of other contributions.  I would still like to use the toys to benefit the orphans, so I will auction them off.  All proceeds will be used for the welfare of the orphans.  Please see my Amigurumi for Africa posts!


  1. Wonderful poem and darling animals...

  2. Your poem is as lovely as the cause ....

  3. Nice poem and the cause is thoughtful of course.

  4. Really beautiful, T. And such a great cause.

  5. Love the analogy. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. hi there. thanks for stopping by, and for commenting.... and thanks for the compliment. =)

    i dont always use purple on black, but kind of often. its my favorite color, and the prompt was about violets, so i thought "why not?"
    i do always use a small font, though, so maybe thats why my post is kinda hard to read =P

  7. This is lovely. Full of hope!

  8. Aside from this 'quality' poem, you've skillfully crocheted the words and the cause into something memorable.

    Poetry24…where news is the Muse

  9. Such an inspiring post ~T~....and a wonderful cause indeed....thank you for sharing this with us! :-)

  10. Wonderfully crocheted toys indeed.. heartfelt words..

    Very inspiring :)
    God Bless you ~T~

    Hugs a million xoxox

  11. Heart warming this post is. Nice words. And I adore little froggy....! So cute!

  12. with love and kindness around the world, life is better for all.

    beautiful message,
    love the imagery.

  13. Beautiful words, beautiful toys ...such beautiful children.

  14. Ohhh.... such a beautiful and moving poem,..
    And what a wonderful analogy!! Bless the flowers and bless the lovely children..

    And the toys are absolutely adorable!!!!

  15. Wonderful analogy. The children are so beautiful.

  16. such lovely little violets...

    "bright eyes staring
    from soft, dark faces"

    a beautiful analogy.

  17. The poem's wonderfully appropriate for the flowers and for the children.

  18. beautiful imagery. i love the poem and your animals are delicious.

  19. Delightful poem and I love your crocheted animals. Such talent and patience too!

  20. Mmm, beautiful poetry. And the cause? Incredible.

  21. I loved this poem & how it ties into the orphans. Bless your friend for her work with them! Love your animals too!!!

  22. Hi there,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my book!

    I have to say, these are the cutest little animals I've ever seen. You're really talented - I can make afghans, and that's about all.