Monday, December 3, 2012

At Etude

Object to be Destroyed by Man Ray

One, two, one, two
Piano teacher's watching you
One, two, three, four
Practice that a few times more

One, two, three, four, five, six
She knows all of your tricks
five, six, One, two, three, four
She's pulled them all before

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
No excuses, now, don't be late
Listen to the metronome:
you always play it better at home!



  1. My flute teacher used a metronome from time to time ... I really disliked 'playing' to it! Yes, I played it better at home! Loved this 'T' ...

  2. I still have piano teacher phobia...

  3. Very rhythmic poem, it fits the theme. I don't like metronomes either.

  4. Ah, this image conjured images of long-ago piano lessons for me as well. Good one.

  5. Good must be reporting my childhood! Yikes..fab!!

  6. I hated piano lessons- and loved just making up music....

  7. My piano lessons were important. They showed me I had no talent. :-)

  8. I never had to face a metronome, I'm glad to say, but would have loved more piano lessons than I got. :)

  9. Well, as you might guess from my poem I know that piano teacher very well!

  10. I remember trying to fake that I had practiced all week! Now I wish I had actually practiced.

  11. Hahaha - spoken like one who has been there. When I didn't practice my piano teacher said, "Oh, looks like we'll be working on sight reading AGAIN."

  12. :-) You wrote it in a very funny and entertaining way (with the nursery rhyme vibe and all) but it sounds so real.