Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth 

Though dusky clouds make haste to bring the night,
the sun breaks through with one last show of light.
The bright beams reach across the sea, take hold,
and turn the granite lighthouse into gold.
For but a breath, across the deep and damp,
the stone walls shine far brighter than the lamp.

The dandelions below are unimpressed.
Their hue remains although the sun sinks west.
Assured of their own yellowness, and pleased,
they toss their manes, nod proudly at the breeze.
But all too soon their gold will turn to gray,
and, unlike the sturdy lighthouse, blow away.


  1. Wow.
    At first, I thought the words evoked strong imagery. Then I realized that certain word pairs hinted at something deeper. I will avoid spoilers for my fellow readers’ enjoyment.
    THAT is my definition of art – the work is pleasant to the mind on the surface, but dig deeper and you will be rewarded richly.

  2. Gorgeous, vivid, and the rhyming is sublime!

  3. T- this is lovely. Puts one right in the middle of the image.

  4. There are not many poets composing rhyming poems that are elegant, intelligent, deep ... you have.


  5. I'm etching this into the lighthouse wall with a chisel.

    As we speak.

  6. Such tender fragility, leaving me with a sense of longing .....

  7. Suddenly I want "yellowness" in my life, but on a permanent basis! Wonderful!

  8. ..aww, sad end... though i predict a continuity of a fading shade to a brighter new form - new life... smiles... loved it!!!

  9. Loved the two lines at the end - a bit of a warning to us all that life is fleeting. :)

  10. This one is right up my alley, and I have to say that I loved every line.

    (When you are approving my comment, please kick out the first one with the typo. Thanks!)


  11. Write, T, write!

    I'm wilting here.

    -- p