Monday, April 8, 2013


Michael Young has revealed the cover for his next Advent Anthology, Carol of the Tales.  Isn't it beautiful?  This cover will conceal a new story I wrote, which happens to deal with divine revelation.  I know, we just had Easter, it's much too early to think about Christmas.  Don't worry; I'll remind you about the book later.

What you need to know now is that Michael is also collecting original fairy tales for another anthology.  Do you have a fairy tale up your sleeve?  Polish it up, and send it in!  You can find the submission guidelines under Lost Tales from the Black Forest on Michael's Current Projects page.  Check it out!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eve's Kitchen

Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka

What's for supper?
Bread, again,
seasoned with our toil
among the thorns
and creeping things
and storms.

Oh, yes, I miss it, too,
the vines and branches
hanging low
with just-ripe fruit
for just us two,
a feast for the plucking,
juice dripping
down our skin.

But recall:
until that one
Forbidden flavor
taught us other-
we knew not
how sweet it was,
our Paradise;

without that bite
we would still be
unsalted dough,
no need to rise
to any occasion,
ever baking
in the sun,
but never done.