Saturday, September 25, 2010


She only asks a bottle of perfume,
yet he thinks her worthy of much more.
He racks his brain to show his love in bloom.

Jars of scent are lined up in their room,
collected since they were a bride and groom,
but still she asks a bottle of perfume.

Would dinner and a movie, one that's sweet,
help sweep his leading lady off her feet?
He racks his brain to show his love in bloom.

He'll polish up her car and change the oil,
to prove that he's as skillful as he's loyal.
She only asks a bottle of perfume.

Perhaps the diamond ring he was too poor
to purchase for her thirty years before?
He racks his brain to show his love in bloom.

Her blissful smile illuminates the room,
when she spies the parcel, small and square.
He gives her wished-for bottle of perfume,
and she can feel his love, still in full bloom.


  1. nice. it is the little things...and you have to listen for them...better to give them what they want than otherwise...nice mag!

  2. nice things come in small packages!

  3. Lovely Magpie, I love the fact that even though he could give her an expensive ring, she still wants the perfume.

  4. This is very well crafted. The villanelle form places severe restrictions on the poet, but the result here is very satisfying.

  5. That is so touching (sniff). Very nicely written.

  6. Listening, doing, giving of oneself to another in just the way they wish... just the way which has meaning to them.

    Well done

  7. Great form, very well done.

  8. ~T~ this is so beautiful and sweet! :-)

  9. Oh, this one's nice. I love the villanelle feel to this. (I've got a little collection of bottles from over the years, myself!)

  10. How beautiful when love continues to bloom.

    Mine is up.