Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Final Touches

He left the frame among the sheets
on the bed in the home of his son.
Splintered, decayed,
it could hold its piece no more.
The artless fragments are gently laid by.

Solemn descendents assemble
in the empty gallery,
remembering the scene:
      pines crown the arid mesa
      behind the apple tree and daisies
      that he coaxed to bloom and bear
      he found the formulae, tacitly bestowed
      elements of wisdom on children, too
      they recall their own faces
      applied in indelible oils
      and the elegant figure of the artist
      who shared his studio for so, so long

Perhaps he'll show her first,
then submit the canvas for review
by the One who gave him brush and paints,
who applies the final refinements
with tender strokes;
who will restore the frame,
infuse it with enduring element,
replace the dust with polish, gilt,
and fit it to his lifescape

For my grandfather, Ross D. Gardner, 1914-2010


  1. lovely tribute to your grandfather, beautiful last stanza

  2. What a beautiful poem, reflecting the feelings that you had for your grandfather, who must have been a very special man!

  3. Loved how this was written in memory of your grandfather. After seeing that, I re-read your poem, and catch the grandfather bits in it.

    My grandma died earlier this year, and still, a day rarely passes when I don't think of her and how she touched my life.

    A beautiful, heartfelt Magpie (and I love your use of language!).

  4. A very well constructed Magpie and a fine memorial of you Grandfather.

  5. Nice tribute to Grandfather...I love how you fit the little details into his lifescape forever.

  6. Thank you. You finally let me cry.

  7. As true as it gets and full of gratitude..lovely!

  8. you leave room for imagination, well crafted tale.

  9. a beautiful memory of one that redeems...smiles. nice magpie!

  10. Beautiful, excellent writing! I enjoyed it so much.A tribute to a love,,thank you for sharing!

  11. I loved reading this, such a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Your words swelled, were perfect.

  12. Very beautiful tribute for your grandfather T.. Very well written.. xx

  13. A wonderful tribute ~T~....truly beautiful!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure your grandfather is smiling.