Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cemetery Stomp

An elegant skeleton
made her debut on
the eve of the All Hallows Ball.

Her tarsals a-tapping,
and phalanges a-flapping,
she woke to the wild rhythm's call.

With no hair to style
and a permanent smile
she found she missed naught that she lacked.

Ignoring the warning,
"You'll need that, come morning!"
she danced on her stone 'til it cracked.

Thus her portal broke down;
she remained above ground
while others returned to their rest.

No peace could she find,
left alone, left behind.
She thought moving on would be best.

She found a position
with a student physician.
At least it was someplace to hang

around with her ear
toward the graveyard to hear
when the ghostly band struck up again.


  1. I love this elegant and lively - and pragmatic - skeleton. Well told!

  2. hehe :) i like this skeleton.. she's very lively :D

    My Magpie

  3. I always wondered where those class-room skeletons came from! loved your tale behind the broken gravestone.

  4. she obviously has music in her bones! Loved this toe tapping poem!


  5. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
    Gosh, you're good.
    Even better than the old 'Monster Mash.'

  6. Clever, neatly constructed and very funny.

    Could I make a small suggestion? In the last verse in stanza 6 you've picked up an extra beat in an otherwise faultless metrical pattern. Might 'she thought to move on would be best' be an idea?

  7. Very entertaining. I like that she decided to 'hang' with a student :)

  8. Oh, this is so charming. I love-love-love " hair to style and a permanent smile". Fabulous piece, T.

  9. Thanks, everyone! This was a fun one, though I wish I could recapture the phantom stanza 5 that I thought of while jogging.

    Dick, thanks for pointing that out! Is it better now?

  10. Absolutely wonderful! Top drawer, to be sure!!

  11. It's excellent craftsmanship. Not great theology (and I know it wasn't meant to be). The poem's a really enjoyable read.