Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dr. R

Breakfast, 1921, Fernand Leger

said the sign on the wall
but I felt no peace
wriggling on the slick beige too-big chair
breathing deep to calm my skipping pulse
blonde hair spilling over the side.

He bent over me
dark hair shorn in short waves
attempting to engage me
amiably asking questions
I couldn't answer
with my mouth full

of his hardy fingers
wiggling, yanking
and, before I could hiccup,
slipping a small tooth into my small hand
having set a slightly larger incisor
free to grow
in peace.

(I thought this scene would replay when my youngest son's first adult tooth arrived out of position.  But his dentist's assistants numbed his gum, gave him a video game to play and sunglasses to wear, and used some mechanical device to wiggle the old tooth out. I don't think Dr. R even wore gloves to pull my first tooth.)


  1. sounds better than the experience my poor boy had with the dentist of death, we now go somewhere else

  2. Lovely way to share the tooth experience!

  3. What's the tooth fairy getting these days? :-)

  4. My first dental experience took place in what can best be described as 'the dark ages.' Ugh! I looked at the art and thanks to you, saw that dentist all over again ~~ Dr. Harrison!

  5. Now that I think about it...that painting is just about as enjoyable as a root canal and the furthest thing away from a leisurely breakfast.


  6. wow what an interesting trip to the dentist eh? my dentist growing up was names dr apt name...

  7. Well done. And I am old enough to remember well when dentists did NOT wear gloves. Blech.