Friday, September 21, 2012

Suburban Safari

Island Lake, by Mary Anderson

Time for a nature walk!
Pencils ready?  March in queue,
observe the local wonders of the world.

the barely rippling surface of the lake
early autumn grass patched green and tan
invertebrates intent upon their tasks
the tufted  sky, a mottled, puffy gray--
vivid-orange-clad light bulb changers,
safe in numbers, glaringly aloft.
How many does it take?

the dainty paddle of a duck
kingfisher's hunting whoop
a pine cone's fall in the midst of the wood
the murmur of a covert frog--
chainsaws in a shouting match
clamoring for dominance
defiantly refusing to give in.

decaying water lilies
refreshing, misty moisture in the air
the sharp scent of wild mint
tempting berries hanging on the vine--
is it the false fruitiness of sanitizing gel?
Nature tends to soil the hands, you know.
Do not touch!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I like that you allocated a stanza each for see, hear, and smell. I was well-organized. Great descriptions too. I felt like I was walking along with you!