Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Feast in the House of Simon, 1610, El Greco 

You run a certain risk
when you invite the Master to dine--

You may run out of wine,
or water,
for His dozen dusty friends;
unsavory gate-crashers
may entreat Him with more unction
than thou.

You make a show of listening
when He answers your
unspoken sneers.

What if you opened wide
your narrowed eyes,
unstopped your pride-corked ears?
You just might recognize His truth.
And if you dare
lay bare your heart,
He'll heal your hidden scars.

Forgiveness can't be bought.
It must be begged--

and then He freely gives.

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  1. Wow! Kind of floored me this did - what a powerful write. I like the vision - especially for pride-corked ears!

  2. Esp like "...more unction than thou"...excellent write T...

  3. So very true and written beautifully.