Wednesday, April 2, 2014


gauze must be crazy
trying to fill wisdom's seat
soften the impact

At 15, my son seems rather young to be so full of wisdom, and to have it forcibly removed.  But, alas, that is how we spent this morning.  He seems to be taking it well, but if there were any gems of knowledge in his babbling on the way home, I didn't catch them.


  1. Thats one small step for giant leap for mankind, we must get back !

  2. Grand Haiku and great use of the prompt! My daughter's dental surgery hears loads of gobbledegook from their patients! It's amazing where the post-op mind takes one....

  3. Hope he feels better soon. That is never a fun experience!

  4. I had mine removed when I was 18 - I remember that my mom laughed at me because I was totally drunk on the laughing gas they used :)