Sunday, April 13, 2014

Upon Her Hyperopia

Photo by Kelsey Hannah 

When I consider how my sight is spent,
full half the day searching the web world-wide,
t' inspire hands with new skills, which, if applied
might cheer eyes, warm the cold, or save a cent,
or seeking books, wholesome entertainment,
or learning tunes, for which my spirit sighed;
how, with corrective lenses now denied,
shall time to serve and improve self be spent?
Methinks I need to look beyond my nose,
beyond my needles, pages with type set,
recall the feel of earth beneath my toes,
prepare the ground for seeds, though it's so wet.
I pray the lenses soon will be restored,
but I will dig the dirt (dust be ignored).

Hooray!  My new glasses came!  I can post this without zooming in  500 times, and still getting a headache.  And my peas are already sprouting.  Apologies to John Milton, whose gift and trial were so much greater.


  1. I think I memorized maybe three sonnets in high school (none since): Two of Shakespeare and "On his blindness." So it's my favorite model for parodies. I really like yours. I also keep two or three pair of reading glasses from the dollar store around, just in case.

  2. I am blind as a bat without my glasses and can imagine the misery. Having said that, I think you've got the right idea with your feeling of the earth between your tires….

    Nice sonnet!